“Journey of success” by Ch Fayyaz Ahmed Maiken

In the bustling city of Sargodha, Ch Fayyaz Ahmed Maiken embarked on a transformative journey, initially delving into the captivating realm of English literature. Graduating from Government College Sargodha, Ch Fayyaz Ahmed Maiken found inspiration and guidance from dedicated teachers who instilled within him the ambition to reach for the stars.

Fueled by his passion for language, he pursued higher education, earning a Master's degree in English from the prestigious Forman Christian College Lahore. Little did he know that the literary landscapes he explored would soon intertwine with the intricate nuances of law and order.

His path took an unexpected turn as he responded to the call of duty, joining the esteemed Punjab Police. For four years, Ch Fayyaz Ahmed Maiken stood at the forefront, embodying integrity and dedication as a Sub Inspector and Inspector, ensuring safety and justice for the community he served.

Seeking to expand his horizons, he undertook the formidable Central Superior Services (CSS) exam in 2005, securing a position in the esteemed Postal Group. Embracing this new opportunity, he entered the halls of the CSS Academy on October 10, 2005, setting the stage for a distinguished career ahead.

Presently, as the Postmaster General of AJK Circle in Muzaffarabad, holding the esteemed position of BS 19, Ch Fayyaz Ahmed Maiken's journey stands as a testament to dedication, perseverance, and the influence of mentorship. The indelible impact of his teachers at GC Sargodha remains a guiding force, infusing his path with wisdom and motivation, propelling him through academia, law enforcement, and public service.

Ch Fayyaz Ahmed Maiken embodies the fusion of literary insight and administrative acumen, a shining example of how a foundation in literature fortifies the pillars of public service, weaving together the realms of words and justice.

Best Regards,

Ch Fayyaz Ahmed Maiken

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