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SU Alumni Association is established to reconnect and reunite the alumni of Sargodha University

Our Distinguished Alumni

Lt.Gen.Moenudin Haider

Lt.Gen.Moenudin Haider

Ex.Governor Sindh & Ex.Federal Minister of Interior of Pakistan

Suhail Warraich

Suhail Warraich

Senior Journalist and Author

Habib Akram

Habib Akram

Senior Journalist

Mazhar Shah

Mazhar Shah

District Emergency Officer Sargodha

Ch Fayyaz Ahmed Maiken

Ch Fayyaz Ahmed Maiken

Post Master General AJK

Khalid Hussain Tarar

Khalid Hussain Tarar

District Officer Special Branch Sargodha

Khalid Hussain Tarar

Muhammad Omer Farooq Malik

Deputy Director General Military Lands & Cantonments

Azhar Yaqoob

SP Punjab Police

Ghazi Muhammad Salahuddin

Deputy Inspector General of Police

Ghulam Mubashar Maken

SSP police service of Pakistan

Major General Imtiaz Hussain Shirazi

Major General

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We believe in your success

In addition to strengthening the relationship between the university and its graduates, the Alumni Association endeavors to instill in alumni as a sense of belonging and loyalty and encourage cooperation between alumni and the university to better serve the community, former students and an Alumni Fund for donations. SU Alumni Association makes every effort to provide alumni with opportunities to participate in diverse activities both inside and outside the university.


What Our Students Say

The time I spent at the department as student was the best time of my life. The wisdom and knowledge earned from the competent faculty of the department was beyond my expectation. 
Muhammad Waqas
Assistant Professor

The department of Economics and its faculty is a blessing for the region. The innovative pedagogical expertise of the faculty is something that has helped me explore new areas of research in the field of Economics.
Bilal Ahamed

Being a student of Department of Education, I will say that this department provided me with enough opportunities and exposure to groom my personality as well as confidence, which ultimately boosted my learning potential. 
Muhammad Shahid

It is quite interesting to share the experience as well as privileges that I have been enjoying at the department of Education. Getting admission here is so far the best decision and a life changing experience.
Iqra Anwar

The Department of History and Pakistan Studies enriched our minds and prepared us for higher pursuits in our life and made us confident to achieve our goals in academic and professional lives.
Saqib Maken
Naib Tehsildar Bhalwal

We owe a lot to this department and its faculty that they hone our capacities, provide us guidance, encourage us in academics by developing our critical skills and prepare us fully for the job market nationally and internationally.
Qaisar Shahzad

The time I spent under the mentorship of teachers in NBS has filled my life with motivation to meet life challenges.
Muhammad Zain Ul Abadeen
CSP Pakistan Audit and Accounts

NBS is the best place to groom your personality under the guidance of qualified faculty.
Yuman Azhar
CSP Ministry of Foreign Affairs

I feel blessed to be a student of NBS as well as class representative. The academic environment here is perfect for any student who wishes to excel in life.
Hassan Mateen

NBS opens a world of opportunities and exposure for students who wish to get trained to grow in their careers and become valuable members of society.
Inarat Fatima

My experience with DPIR was excellent. The unique combination of quality education and discipline in this department helped me achieve the desired goals.
Imran Riaz
Assistant Superintendent

When I started my studies at DPIR, I wasn't sure about what I was getting into. I gained a lot more than what I was expecting.  I feel so lucky to be a part of this successful venture that is surely going to leave an impact on my future....
Faryal Jameel

My department played a positive role to provide numerous learning opportunities to the students. Currently, I am serving as Student Counselor Intern to provide students psychological assistance.
Asma Rashid

The department polished my skills to brighten my future. The theoretical  and practical knowledge is helping me a lot. I look forward to become a successful psychologist in the future.
Rida Muhammad Akbar

I am greatly honored to be a team player of the department where I along with my fellow students and teaching faculty are able to get hands-on experience of  Social Work theory which will surely enable me to better understand the social risks...
Muhammad Muzammil Shahzad

As a part of the Social Work department, I gained valuable knowledge through classroom learning and fieldwork practice.
Neha Bajwa

The Department of Sociology and Criminology has contributed to strengthen my ability to think critically and write analytically.
Zarqa Azhar

I am a proud alumnus of SU. My department groomed me academically as well as professionally and made me capable enough to readily face the challenges posed by the modern world.
Muhammad Asim

I am honored to be a part of this department. It helped me in incorporating sociological as well as criminological knowledge to see the world from varied perspectives.
Farukh Javed

BS Sociology has refined my skills through innovation and groomed my personality to a level where I can be a productive part of society. 
Mehwish Sultana

Department of CS & IT focuses to develop skills in students so that they can gain theoretical and practical knowledge. They offer courses that help students to get experience in related fields in IT.
Sahrish Khan

Sargodha University helped me shape the career path I took in Physics and I can say with confidence that whatever I have achieved is because of the guidance and academic facilities provided at SU Physics department.
Dr. M. Asif Bashir

I believe that Department of Physics at Sargodha University has played a vital role in defining what I am today. The teachers at this department are amongst the best in the country.
Dr. Abdul Wajid
Process Engineer

A good academic GPA and degree is important but the department of Physics also provides me the platform to be creative and innovative. This department is the best platform to nourish concepts for my professional life.

The time spent at the Department of Physics is full of learning. The faculty is passionate and dedicated and the skills which they have bestowed upon us are going to be very helpful in our career.
Afifa Yousaf

Department of Statistics is producing many remarkable data science experts. I am the first Gold Medalist in BS (4 years) of this department and now leading a data science program at the Open University of Hong Kong. 
Dr. Tahir Mahmood

Department of Statistics not only enhanced my self-confidence but also developed sense of social responsibility. It gives me immense pleasure when people appreciate my work; they always appreciate the institution from where I got my education.
Mr. Amjid Ali 
Assistant Director

Statistics department is not only pushing the students for competitive job market but also grooming their personalities.
Haider Ali

The department of Chemistry builds the knowledge base of students to compete in job market.
Dr Rahman Qadir

The department of Chemistry has helped me to shape my confidence through academic exposure and skill development during the entire learning process. 
Dr. Naveed Ahmad

Studying in Department of Chemistry is a great opportunity to grow as a chemist with well equipped labs and skilled faculty.
Muhammad Ammar

University of Sargodha provides all possible facilities to its students to become competent and skilled graduates of their respective disciplines.

Our department believes in development of skills in students to become analytical scientists, teachers and field workers. 

Department of Zoology with its diverse and enthusiastic faculty members strives to awaken an awareness of the need to explore, understand and conserve animal diversity.

It was an amazing experience at UOS, the professors have provided knowledge as well as confidence. The study program was challenging but provided useful and handy knowledge.
Prof. Dr. Arshad Hassan
Dean Faculty of Management and Social Sciences

I am a proud graduate of Sargodha University as the skills and capacity I built being a part of SU have truly been a blessing to me. 
Prof. Dr. M. Aziz ur Rehman
Director , Center for Mathematics and its Applications (CMAP)

Teachers of our department are very helping and kind, they guide students according to their interests. Department provides us with many opportunities to enhance our knowledge and skills related to our subject.
Ramla Shahzadi

The department not only focuses on academics, but also on capacity building of its students through different activities and competitions. We really enjoy such competitions that also help a lot of students to grasp the opportunities for their care...
Atif Jameel

The Department of Botany exposed me to an unparalleled world of knowledge and ethics which helped me to become a productive member of PMS.
Yasir Rizwan
PMS Officer

Department of Botany instilled knowledge as well as professional ethics that helped me to become the part of Executive Service of the Province. 
Muhammad Fazal Abbas
PMS Officer

I had a wonderful experience at the department of Botany, a seat of productive learning, which led me towards a bright and promising future.
Nida Afreen

Study of Geography at the University of Sargodha was one of the best experiences in my life. It helped me to grow both professionally and personally and join a challenging position in higher education department.
Muhammad Ghufran Waseem
Assistant Professor

I completed my graduation and post-graduation from Department of Earth Sciences. This department not only enhanced my self-confidence but I also gained vast knowledge about my field. Thank you UOS.
Maryam Khalid   

It is wonderful to have been a student at Earth Sciences department that has a high educational standard meeting the demands of this discipline. I look forward to become a professional after successful completion of my degree. 
Atif Saleem  

While at this department I was able to gain knowledge, skills and abilities to be successful in my career as an instructor.
Ms. Fareeha Nosheen
Visiting Lecturer

Sargodha University supports students in self-confidence, personality build-up, knowledge related to subject area and hands on skills.
Farrukh Ali Abbas

Here, at the department, learning environment and teacher-student interaction is motivating us to build our self-confidence and gain theoretical and practical education about the field. 
Muhammad Usman
BS (2016-2020)

Department of Urdu, SU is playing a vital role to enhance the knowledge of literature and language with its dynamic, up to the mark and well qualified faculty. As a successful teacher, I am indebted to the creative and research based culture at th...
Muhammad Khurram
Assistant Professor

I am lucky to be a part of Urdu department which enhanced my ability to communicate in real-life setting, and to critically engage with a community of diverse literary and cultural taste promoting language development and intercultural dialogue.
Noshin Safdar
Assistant Professor

As a student of this department, I give credit of my accomplishments to the expertise of my teachers which inculcate a spirit of confidence, and motivation of never giving up on my dreams.
Sami Ullah

Universities are not only the degree earning places rather they are meant for personality building. When I look back, I found myself a totally transformed person in these two years. Thanks to my teachers for expanding the horizon of my vision. I f...
Sami Sher

There is a strong sense of community fostered by living, studying and working together in the university. I found strength in our diversity, whilst we came from different backgrounds, we were united by compassion and hard work. 
Imran Haider
Visiting lecturer

A university is dreamland of a student’s academic career. It is a fascinating panorama of education, ethics and professional grooming. The training and enthusiasm offered at the department will surely play a vital role in our career paths.
Shakeel Akbar

With a combination of education and practical training, the department has not only helped me develop skills in a variety of sports but also shaped creativity, leadership and communication skills that may help me in my career.
Kashmala Mahnoor

The College of Law is ambitiously delivering legal education with full devotion to become a part of legal fraternity with practical foundations. 
Nadeem Tahir Syed
Additional District & Session Judge

College of Law has played a vital role to equip me with broad conceptual understanding of legal issues.  
Syed Muhammad Zeeshan
Additional District & Session Judge

College of Law is a place where the dream of professionalism becomes true and students can shape out their career in the guidance of devoted teachers. 
Shagufta Malik

Students of College of Law are ambitious and they are provided education with the best experienced faculty along with all educational facilities.
Hamza Abbas

Department of Islamic studies not only enhanced my self-confidence but I also feel lucky that I got a chance to complete my PhD level education from here. I am in the teaching field for almost one decade in the Higher Education department and I am...
Dr. Khalid Mahmood Madni 

I am a proud Alumnus of Sargodha University. The Department of Islamic and Arabic studies holds a special place in my life as it equipped me with the knowledge to outperform in professional career.
Dr. Muhammad Imran
Assistant Professor

Being a student of the Department of Islamic and Arabic Studies, the faculty has broadened my knowledge and world view while inculcating the true moral spirit to heart. Academic Material is really thorough and my teachers provided me great amount...
Luqman Haidar
PhD 2017-2020 

I am working as in-charge of Narcotics section at Punjab Forensic Science Agency, Pakistan since 2017. Earlier I worked as Forensic scientist for six years. I am also associate member of American society of forensic scientist and reginal represent...
Muhammad Taimoor Chaudary

University of Sargodha is a great place to learn the best professional and academic studies as well as a great platform for talented students to polish their abilities by taking part in various co-curricular activities throughout the academic year...
Rida Iyas

Going to College of Pharmacy has really made a big difference in my life. I had a great experience and best moments of my 5 years journey here. Things taught here are not merely the education but also the means to get some hands-on practical exper...
Shamas Ali

Competent and diligent teachers of civil Engineering department definitely glam up the quality quotient of UOS. 
Hafiz Usman
Trainee Engineer

Fervent department with zealous teachers working over the capacity building of students & the joy is to find straight line on a double logarithmic diagram.
Usama Haider

Wearing this uniform is an honor and it came because of the efforts put in by my teachers and institution especially Mechanical Department, College of Engineering and Technology, University of Sargodha.             &n...
Mohsin Raza
Flying Officer

SU groomed us by making different societies. SU taught us how tackle problems and solve them appropriately. Here I never felt that I am being ignored by teachers or if I am helpless, I was always accompanied by the help of my teachers. In the end...
Ammar Malik

My current placement in Process Industry serves what I've learned in my degree program, the technical and academic practice is a great asset of my career now.
Usman Khan
Electrical Incharge

All the Faculty at CET are very supportive and hardworking, they provided us quality education, new ideas about innovation, and information to pursue my career in DISCO.
Ijaz Ahmed
Line superintendent

During my study at the Department of Engineering Technology, I have the chance to study and learn more about the field that I like and got to know a lot about practical work and faculty members who are friendly, nice, and helpful and had passion a...
Zeeshan Sarwar

Outstanding faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, well-equipped laboratories, and a variety of demanding course offerings are the key elements that categorize the Department of Engineering & Technology as one of the best-in-class schools in th...
Muhammad Noman

Being the pioneer batch of a newly starting Department in 2013 was challenging and full of technical and intellectual run. However, the committed faculty, prolific staff, and management played an effective and efficient role to make our journey su...
Saad Maqbool
Assistant Manager

I believe that the Teachers' hard work, lab work, and projects played an integral role in enriching my degree of engineering. 
Mudassar Usman

It is a great program offered by the Department of Electrical Engineering especially when you're thinking of a progressive career in Engineering. 
Talha Sarfraz

There were many convincing motives, which encouraged me to become a part of this prestigious university such as the quality of education, facilities for students, and career placement after graduation.
Taskeen Zafar

The teachers in each course are profoundly gifted with a comprehensive understanding of the subject matter. I would strongly recommend this program to anybody wishing to develop their abilities in agribusiness and economics. 
Haider Afzal
Chief Executive

Real world examples were taught which helped me connect my concepts, theories, and principles to the practical issues in agriculture. 
Aiman Nasir
Chief Executive

Thank you for giving us this experience. It is awesome! I am exposed to comprehensive knowledge about my area of study. 
Muhammad Faraz Akram

This degree will equip me with the knowledge and resources to be integrated with the working environment in the future. The classroom instructions are quite pertinent and very manageable. 
Rubina Kauser
B.Sc (Hons) Agricultural Economics (2016-2020)

I am lucky enough to be a graduate of the Department of Agricultural Extension and successfully serving in the private sector through the application of knowledge and instructions I received from the competent faculty of the department. 
Muhammad Bilawal

I am happy to be graduated from the department of Agri. Extension. I feel confident to be equipped with the trends in the area of agriculture that can ensure my success in my career. 
Mujahid Karim

It is a pleasure to be part of this department. Well-qualified teachers are imparting knowledge particularly related to farming community development. Well-equipped audio-video interactive lab is a big source of learning for students to gain innov...
Muhammad Adnan

College of Agriculture, SU doesn’t just give you a degree in Animal Sciences but prepares you to use everything you learn in your future. Due to the reason, I have been able to step in and not only succeed in this career, but excel beyond expectat...
Naeem Sajjad
M.Sc (Hons) Animal Nutrition (2014-2016)

The academic environment, challenging curriculum, and helping nature of professors is very special that went a long way to prepare me to apply my skills in my career.
Shahzad Ahmad
Production Manager

I am enjoying the support being given in the Animal Sciences Department in improving my critical thinking skills and preparing me tremendously for my future. I think it is one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.
Muhammad Abdur Rehman

Department of Entomology, SU is the place that provided me a chance to explore my potential in all walks of life. I got a truly amazing learning graph at this institute. This university made my dreams bright and shining. 
Mujahid Shahzad

University of Sargodha, particularly my Department has provided us nice study and research environment and I owe gratitude to my mother university for enabling each one of us to believe that we are special cooperative faculty and preparing us to e...
Saadia Wahid
Research Coordinator

My department and teachers that I learned from in college provided me an excellent platform to develop a research mindset that has served me in good stead in my stints at various early and growth-stage startups in Pakistan. 
Kanwer Shahzad Ahmad

My department has always acted as a guiding tool that helped me grow both professionally and personally.
Ms. Faiqa Chaudhry

My Institute helped me in developing research and communication skills and grooming my personality for practical life.
Mr. Farooq Arshad
Public Analyst

We are provided with technical knowledge and skills through lab work, industrial visits and interaction sessions with food professionals.
Ms. Shahwar Javed

I feel honored as alumnus of Forestry department, College of Agriculture (CoA). I firmly believe that the department provided me with the foundation I needed to pursue my education and professional career. The time and attention that the faculty a...
Mudassar Hussain
Range Forest Officer

I always felt a strong sense that the faculty and staff at department of Forestry cared for me both as a student and as a person. In short, I cannot stress enough upon the benefits I have derived from my days at College of Agriculture. I am indebt...
Imdad Hussain
Assistant Meteorologist

I am very much satisfied by the facilities provided at the department and quality of education which is helping me alot to gain practical knowledge and skills paving way towards a successful professional life.
Muhammad Bilal

The facilities provided by the department and skills being inculcated to groom the personality of students for the competitive job market are satisfactory and appreciable.
Kashif Nawaz
B.Sc.(Hons) Agriculture Major Forestry (2016-2020)

The knowledge I gained from the College of Agriculture proved very helpful in my professional career as I am successfully applying skills learnt here to the practical needs of my career.
Hassan Raza
Mobile Credit Officer

As a graduate of this department, I feel proud to have gained knowledge and skills that go hand in hand with my development as a professional. I would highly recommend College of Agriculture, SU to those who wish to pursue a career in food and agr...
Hafiz Wasif
Assistant Research Officer

As a PhD Scholar, I am doing my research in a very conducive environment ensuring all facilities under the supervision of dedicated faculty.
Irum Rashid 

I am quite satisfied with the facilities provided at the department for my studies and the practical skills one needs to equip oneself for a productive future. 
Qamar Uz Zaman

My learning experience at Department of Plant Pathology was fabulous. The research culture at the department has helped me in dealing with practical issues in the workplace. 
Muhammad Zohaib Anjum
Production Manager

The department provided me an excellent environment for learning and to polish myself as a research scholar.
Dr. Mubashar Raza

The academic environment of the department is outstanding and I am enthusiastically carrying out my research provided with all the facilities and expert supervisors. 
Muhammad Asim

Under the requisite facilities for research and academics, the department has polished my learning skills.
Ghafar Ahmed

Department of Soil & Environmental Sciences is playing its role in very effective way and has produced trained and skilled manpower and enabled me to make the best of my skills and capabilities.
Nosheen Zahra
Instructor Soil Science

The department helped to relate knowledge and field work that has helped me a lot as a professional.
Javed Iqbal
Sub Inspector

I am indebted to the College of Agriculture for enhancing my academic skills and the research culture at the department helped me in my workplace to undertake all responsibilities with confidence.
Ali Afzal
Agri. Research Officer (ARO)

I am student of 7th semester of soil science and I am fully confident that department will fully furnish me to utilize all my technical abilities in my professional life.
Talha Akhtar

The basic aim of my life was to provide my services in Government research sector. I have struggled hard to get this job. The teachers of my department supported and encouraged me to achieve this role and provide guidelines how to prepare myself f...
Mr. Jamshed Ahmed
Agricultural Finance Officer

Department has delivered knowledge and provided all facilities for achieving desired goals. My teachers supported and encouraged me for getting job and devoted fruitful attentions for this purpose.
Muhammad Kaleem
Agricultural Officer

Department teaches and trains me about technical skills for conducting experiments and provides all facilities. Department provides us complete set of knowledge for getting opportunities in private and Government institutions.
Ms. Numrah Hinna

Department provides me all the facilities to do research properly. It teaches about the technical skills. Quality of education is outstanding. Department develops practical skills so that I can compete for job. 
Mr. Muhammad Zeeshan Umar

Being able to read and appreciate literature is a joy like no other. I consider myself fortunate to be part of the English Department that introduced me to a world of creative imagination in exploring myself.
Muhammad Ramzan
Assistant Director

The innovative and thought-provoking academic environment provided by the knowledgeable faculty members of the English department helped me in shaping the trajectory of my career path. 
Nimra Nawaz

English Department focuses on developing creative skills among the students and enhancing their imaginative power. It makes a special effort to groom and refine our personality. Our department has the most experienced faculty actively engaged in p...
Mohsin Raza Khan

Department of Communication and Media Studies not only enhanced my self-confidence but also inculcated a certain set of skills that helped me to excel in the media industry.
Arsalan Sherazi

Department of Communication & Media Studies played a vital role in developing my professional life, it provided me with learning opportunities to explore my hidden talents, potentials and polish leadership skills.
Maher Omar Draz Jhawari
Deputy Director

University of Sargodha is one of the most prestigious institutes. I am a part of this institute for the last one year and that year was full of thrill, excitement and academic excellence. The decisive factor that makes University of Sargodha diffe...
Zain Ali

I am fortunate to be an alumnus of the Information Management department, where I was able to earn a life-changing experience. The place is welcoming and it still feels like home to me.
Farha Deeba
Freelance Entrepreneur

It was a great time, spent at Sargodha University. I was able to learn not only my subject but gained life-long experiences about teaching as well as learning.
Abdul Baqi
Asst. Professor

My experience at the Department of Information Management was excellent. I gained a lot of knowledge, cooperation, and respect. I think everything was fine, especially the academic environment. 
Fayyaz Hussain
Deputy Chief

The faculty and the supporting staff are devoted to provide us ample opportunities for learning, innovation and research through versatile pedagogical schooling. 
Rahim Jan
Asst. Professor

My experience at the department is a blend of excellence in academics and co-curricular exuberance. The faculty without a doubt is the torchbearer of leadership and assistance to the students.
M.  Javed Iqbal
Library Director

My experience at the Institute of Arts and Design is fantastic so far. I believe my department is a wonderful hub of learning with a fantastic team of tutors who without a doubt go above and beyond for the nourishment of the students. I feel so pr...
Kainat Zahra

As a student at the Institute of Art and Design University of Sargodha, I gained both the skills and confidence to portray my real-self in my work. The courses in Graphic Design are tremendous assets and in-line with the approaches I use regularly...
Shafqat Ali

The faculty of Statistics department is providing us encouragement, and knowledge to make good statistician, improving the communication skills and training to survive in the job market.
Fiza Batool

It is the intellectual ambience of this department that encourage us to learn history and feel ourselves to be a part of human civilization that is unfolding throughout centuries and millenniums. We feel honored and intellectually elevated being a...
Azhar Alam Khan

At SMC, I experienced a worthy toil which strengthened my knowledge, cleared my vision, and inspired me to achieve my ambition to serve humanity with dedication. 
Aeima Batool

The resources at Sargodha Medical College - its professors, our fellow students and the libraries, created valuable learning opportunities for me and gave me the confidence to master anything I wish to accomplish in my life.
Aneeqah Wajid

Department of AHS is a right choice to grow professionally as it imparts an education which is a all-encompassing combination of theory and practice. 
Abdul Qadeer
Doctor of Medical Lab Sciences

Department of AHS is providing me the platform to think broadly and it has furnished plentiful opportunities to polish my skills for my future professional growth.
Saad Joyya
Physical Therapy 5th Year

I belong to Gilgit Baltistan it was not that easy for me to complete the admission process in any university in Punjab, but, when I visited the Facilitation Center of the University it was an incredible experience. I was undecided in selecting my...
Amal Zehra

I frequently visit Facilitation Center for academic and administrative assistance, before this, I had to visit several offices for any query. I am happy to quote the FC team always assisted me in quite a professional manner and promptly resolved m...

I did my Master of Political Science from SU and was shortlisted for PhD at Georgia State University (GSU). I was advised to provide verified documents directly sent by SU to GSU. I was worried as universities in Pakistan were closed due t...
Hamad Ejaz
O and A- Level Instructor

I was applying for a foreign scholarship but I was worried about getting an English Proficiency Certificate, recommendation letter and grading scheme on an urgent basis  because of the Covid-19 lockdown. The prompt reply from the facilitat...

I did a three month Pakistan US Alumni Network ( PUAN) Summer Internship at the Career Development Center, SU. In addition to that, I had been visiting and hosting various sessions at CDC and always found the environment conducive for the per...
Ms. Nimra Nawaz

Sessions conducted by CDC are a great opportunity for networking and learning social skills. These skills help in adjusting to a professional life after being graduated.
Mr. Aoun Muhammad

Being part of the Sargodha University was a great experience. Directorate of Student Affairs helped and guided me to achieve my goals along with the direction of respected faculty from Law College. Thank UOS.
Bilal Hassan

I completed my graduation and post-graduation from Department of Earth Sciences. This department not only enhanced my self-confidence but I also gained vast knowledge from it. Besides academic achievement, I found DSA office very cooperative and h...
Muhammad Umar Farooq

Any institute plays a vital role in the grooming of a student. Sargodha University provides a number of opportunities in academic as well as extracurricular activities. Directorate of Student Affairs always plays a helpful and supportive role for...
Saqib Raza

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